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5 Homemade Photography Tricks to Get Breathtaking Pictures

5 Homemade Photography Tricks to Get Breathtaking Pictures

The art of photography is one that requires practice and time to master. Mastery of this art form requires extensive effort and time. On the other hand, in this day and age of digitalization, most of us are always on the search for quick and simple ways to learn new things. So, to help you become a better photographer, we have compiled a list of some fascinating and stunning do-it-yourself photography tricks. This one is for the novice photographers out there. Start right now!

Simple Tripod Constructed From String

When taking photos that won’t move, a tripod is one of your best bets. Still, it’s not practical to lug around a tripod every time you want to take a picture that’s worthy of framing. Moreover, it appears to be unrealistic. Instead of a complicated camera, all you need is a bit of rope to take beautiful still photos. And here’s how:

5 Homemade Photography Tricks to Get Breathtaking Pictures

Wrap a 1/4-inch-diameter bolt with a length of twine.
One end of the string should be tied to a metal washer. Keep the string at a length that is just a hair shorter than your height.
Tighten the nut and bolt to the camera’s screw mount.
Drop the washer on the floor, walk on it, and then pull the camera up to create stress on the string, allowing you to take steadier pictures.
Instantaneous Rebounder
In photography, lighting is very important. When you need to change the way the light falls on your subject, flash is an invaluable tool. Conversely, utilizing flash results in unfavourable side effects including white, zombie-like features and sharp shadows.

Professional photographers share the frustration of coping with these restrictions. In any case, you may prevent these issues from occurring by covering the flash module of your camera with a piece of white paper or a business card. It’s a basic trick that any amateur photographer can use.

Solar Filter photography Sunglasses

Did you know that sunglasses are a popular choice for photographers? While under the protective shield of sunglasses, our eyes adjust to a new spectrum of colours, and you may replicate these variations in your photography. A pair of sunglasses may give a photo a cool, retro vibe. Filters may be added to your photos with sunglass lenses instead of software.

Put a pair of sunglasses over the camera’s lens for some retro-looking, entertaining, and wacky snaps. Putting on sunglasses while taking images is a great way to acquire a neutral density filter, increase colour saturation, and decrease glare.

LED sphere in a bubble of light

The light sphere speed mount modifier is a fantastic camera accessory for producing a diffused lighting effect. Using a sheet of bubble wrap and this attachment, you may create your own light sphere. Here’s how to accomplish that goal:

To use the bubble wrap, snip a lengthy piece (around 2 feet)
Place a Velcro dot at the end of this strip. Then, round the flash module to free up some space on top.
To increase the level of scattering, you can use the second layer of bubble wrap.
Because we’re attaching the bubble wrap with Velcro, you can take it off whenever you choose.
Your own homemade Gary Fong Light Sphere can be created in this method.
Build Your Own Illuminated Shadowbox

An additional essential piece of equipment

that is out of reach for all but the most established photographers is a light box, sometimes known as a light tent. However, if you follow these directions, you may construct your own light tent.

To begin photography,

grab a big cardboard box. Large windows should be carved out of the two facing walls.
Put white, long sheets of paper inside the box to make a studio background.
Place two white sheets outside the container to hide the glass.
After that, put two reading lamps on either side of the box.
Diffused light with a gentle hue will be the result.
More reading lamps directed at the box’s windows will provide softer, more even illumination.
Take stunning photos of your items and other little objects with this lightbox.
This is a little-known do-it-yourself photography trick that may give your product photos a polished, professional look.


You may take your photography to the next level with the help of these ingenious and easy-to-implement do-it-yourself tricks.

Are you prepared to try out several strategies to find what works best for you?

Add some humour to your picture shoots with the help of these 5 do-it-yourself photography techniques. You can find and grow your career in your desired hobby if you wish to anytime!

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