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Couldn’t You just Fall for Me all over again?

p.s You’re Beautiful

I would have merely stared at you.

whenever you tried telling me how I’m way better than you

I hated that particular feeling

when every time you compared yourself with me,

the times you called me pretty

perfect in everything

and you never be able to come to my league

I hated that, I hated it cause I couldn’t make you see how BEAUTIFUL you are.

And when I say BEAUTIFUL, I mean your soul

your existence, your personality.

The word ‘beautiful’ stands quite powerful for me and I value it

 Not everything you see is beautiful.

You feel the beauty, and eventually, fall in love with the beauty,

the soul, the personality one holds.

p.s You’re Beautiful

In the middle of the sunflower field

Will you call out my name?

I will turn around and be looking for your bright eyes to meet mine

Will those eyes be seeing through my soul?

Those eyes would rather be giving a disgusted look

And your smile mocking my soul.

Don’t call out my name in the middle of the sunflower field

I’m too weak to shine like the sun

Too weak to be fine by myself

Let the sunflowers bury me from your eyes

But couldn’t you just fall for me all over again?

Forgetting your traces couldn’t get more difficult

You brought out such a feeling in me

That I allowed none to do that to me

Your traces couldn’t get more difficult for me to carry on

The times i say won’t shed a tear

The times it gets harder to hold me up

What’s so unique in you?

I let you break me and be the reason for making me smile

I keep on waiting for you but I know there’s nothing to wait for

Why am I still waiting for you?

The wait hurt my soul and allowed the teardrops

Why am I finding myself so weak for you?

Your soul was so magical that I found everything in it

Deep inside I always knew you never cared for my love

But I would always linger for your love

Wished I would cross your mind

Making you go crazy when you couldn’t catch a glance of me

What was so unique in you that none could bring out this feeling in me

And none hurt me the way you’re doing unconsciously

I wished to forget you, erase every trace of you in my heart,

just leave already

But couldn’t you just fall for me all over again?



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