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How to avoid getting hacked on WordPress

How to avoid getting hacked on Wordpress

Simple actions you may fix now to avoid getting hacked on WordPress or your blog post sites. The prospect of your website and blogs being hacked, taken over, destroyed, or changed should not keep you up at night. There are a few precautionary measures you should take now to keep it secure.


Avoid using shared or inexpensive hosting, only use reputable themes and plugins, and keep your PC spyware-free.

Why should you steer clear of shared hosting, exactly?

In reality, a lot of people pay a web host like HostGator for web hosting, and they occupy some of their space. For instance, they might have one gigabyte of space and offer you 100 megabytes for the same cost. What if this one person sells space to ten persons in the same area? This raises a few issues. Some users can, however, take a few steps to gain access to other folders that do not belong to them merely because they share a reseller.

How to avoid getting hacked on WordPress

Your Budget

You should budget at least $20 a month to cover your site hosting costs. Avoid falling for web servers that offer lifetime access for just a dollar or other little price. Get a legitimate web host like HostGator or Bluehost. These companies do cost $20 or $30 a month, but the speedier performance and increased security are well worth it.

How to avoid getting hacked on WordPress

Themes and Plugins

Installing trusted themes and plugins is now a must. This suggests that you shouldn’t install a plugin that was just released. Install a plugin or theme that has positive evaluations, but be careful to avoid downloading any that contain malware. Most people are unaware that any theme or plugin has the ability to completely wipe out all of the files on your website if it so chooses. Actually, it has the ability to duplicate your entire webpage and send it somewhere.

You must have faith in the plugins and themes for actual success, Finally, keep spyware off of your computer. Install an antivirus program like AVG on your local computer and run regular virus scans on it. Consider this: if someone has access to your desktop or office computer and is able to record every password you enter, that person now has the ability to determine your WordPress password and log in to that website as well.


To avoid getting hacked always ignore shared and inexpensive hosting, install only reliable themes and plugins, and keep your computer spyware-free are some easy preventative actions you can do to stop your website from getting hacked.

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