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How to Prepare Yourself for a Long Hike

How to Prepare Yourself for a Long Hike

Physical Preparation

It goes without saying that physical fitness is a top priority when preparing for a Long Hike on the Appalachian Trail. Most of us do not think of being in shape when we think of the physical readiness for a straightforward 6-mile and challenging hike. 

The following key distinctions:

-The strain your loaded pack is putting on your back. Your trail conditioning will benefit greatly from shorter multi-day trips with a heavy pack; the longer, the better.

– Spending endless hiking days with the pack on your back. We haven’t yet found a way to replicate the conditioning needed for daily 10- to 20-mile hikes with a heavy pack. We learned the hard way how commencing a nine-day journey on the Appalachian Trail led to no genuine condition

Long Hike


Where the most weight may be found in your pack are the items that you really must have. Such content includes:

Nature operates under the tenet that empty space will eventually be filled. With your backpack, that will be the case. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the size of your pack. Begin with a backpack with a capacity of 6,000 cubic inches. Some packs cover around 200 miles and the weight is too heavy to bear. Look at backpacks and buy one with a 3,850 cubic inch capacity. This way you can take numerous 9-day hikes on the AT with that load.

The number of hikers on the trip has a significant impact on the tent size. If the design of the tent allowed for a roughly equal weight distribution between the two hikers, a two-person tent might function well. If not, two tents are the solution. How little room do we actually need becomes the next question? We must be able to set up in the tent straight. The answers to each of these queries will have a significant impact on how much the tent weighs. The choice is a private one.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Long Hike

How cold does it get?

That’s the main aspect to consider when choosing a sleeping bag. The type filling is the following factor. Usually, synthetics are heavier. Sleeping bags with down filling are lighter. Wet-down sleeping bags have been the subject of some complaints if you travel more than 100 miles in a down-filled sleeping bag in 20 degrees for a week of nonstop rain.

The weight of the stove is typically equal to the weight of the fuel. -The Stove and Utensils, always carry a fairly light stove and a propane canister since propane stoves are fantastic. Stoves that burn solid fuel and alcohol are lighter. Also booze and pop can cut in half being used by through-hikers on the AT.

With today’s dried foods, you can consume them directly from the container. We have discovered that a tiny titanium pot with a lid functions well and serves as a handy container for packing a stove and cleaning cloth.

Hope now you have a basic knowledge and preparation list for your long-awaited hike!

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