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How your Self-Respect is The Key to Life

How your Self-Respect is The Key to Life

The definition of self-respect is to maintain or demonstrate regard for oneself. This is something we all generally agree with. A self-respecting person is one who tends to explain their deeds, actions, or emotions in the conviction that they cannot possibly do or say the wrong things, and who become mortally offended if they are insulted by others in the process or asked to perform absurd activities.

For a fully self-respecting person, losing one’s self-respect is frequently the end of the world. Of course, this varies from person to person based on how that person views it and whether or not they have a healthy, artificial, or genuine sense of self-respect. We will return to this topic in a subsequent situation.

The further explanation of self-respect or self-esteem issues

How can one develop self-respect?

We must be clear that we cannot possibly acquire self-respect on our own; nevertheless, if we could, at what period of personality development would this have occurred? Was it at birth, in school or college, in the workplace, or during a marriage? Obviously, we are unable to offer the solutions. As a result, we must think about this objectively.

Understanding self-respect

Understanding oneself well is the same as respecting oneself. To put it in a more personal context, I am aware of my own characteristics, which depend on my nature and communication style. or convey to others, my honesty and forthrightness, my views and convictions, whether or not I am presentable, and so forth. Now, in order for these qualities to grow within us, we obviously need a background or base. That background or base is our culture and our upbringing. Our personalities are shaped by a variety of factors, including the environment in which we are born and raised.

How your Self-Respect is The Key to Life

The customs and values

The customs and values instilled by our parents, the education we receive in schools and colleges, our level of intelligence and mental alertness, the calibre of the friends we surround ourselves with, the nature and importance of our jobs or businesses, and most importantly how society and other people interact with us, perceive us and treat us in general. From all these qualities about me, I become more aware of my personality and confident in my abilities, and as a result, I start to respect myself and develop into a self-respecting person.

How your Self-Respect is The Key to Life

Your Treatment

How we treat others is yet another essential component of the self-respect condition. It is claimed that we can only earn respect by first showing it. As a result, we frequently have no awareness whatsoever of the fact that we are unable or unwilling to respect others. It is a reflection of our mental state, or how egotistical, arrogant, or just proud we are in our external interactions, and how this affects our relationships and self-respect. Our imperiousness and self-respect actually go hand in hand; the more the latter, the less the former. The latter receives the less. We can feign ignorance of this procedure or we might actually be oblivious of it. Whatever it is, this process affects our feeling of self-worth, and if we continue to act petty, we start obtaining similar responses from other people, which makes our self-respect conceited and flashy.

False sense of esteem for oneself.

This brings up the subject of having a false sense of esteem for oneself. This is only logical considering that everyone has a right to self-esteem, including vagrants, thieves, notorious criminals, and just plain corrupt individuals. We cannot deny anyone of this liberty. It is totally up to them if they still choose to spend their lives with false self-esteem.

For us, normal people must continue to respect all other people at every stage of acquaintance in their lives and in every decent arena of action, not just for their jobs/tasks/deeds but also for their kind gestures and behaviour, in order to have true self-respect. Additionally, as we have already discussed, you must not let your pride or ego stand in the way of showing respect for others. Otherwise, you might wake up one morning to find one of your closest friends or family members complaining vehemently and dejectedly that you’ve never truly loved or appreciated them. This would force you to relentlessly reflect on where you went wrong until you uncover a clue to it a real sense of self-respect will not be able to maintain their sense of self-worth.

The key

The key is then mutual respect in order to live a healthy life with your head held high in the company of other people, never having to face the humiliation of losing or perhaps losing your self-esteem. Additionally, this would improve your connections with friends, family, relatives, coworkers, and all acquaintances at all levels of respectable life activities.

Chinmay Chakravarty is a creative industry expert with more than 20 years of experience in journalism, media coordination, film scriptwriting, film dubbing, film & video production, management of international film festivals, and book & journal editing. competent in offering these connected professional services. Was a member of the Indian Information Service and retired in November 2019 from the position of Director of the Press Information Bureau in Kolkata. 2017 saw the publication of his debut book, “Laugh and Let Laugh.”

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