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Problems that us Young People often face

Young People Problems

if you are a young person, you are probably exploring this with a dubious look on your face. You probably think, what do you probably know about my problems? she can’t relate?

I can. Know why? I am a young person, yes!

I can’t wait to grow up and not have to prove anything to these people…

It’s easy for you to say you’re all grown up …

Well, your generation might be different from mine …

How comparing me to James!

Does any of these sound familiar?

A typical teenager struggles with seemingly insignificant expectations of others around him.

There is always something to be ashamed of in a world where discrimination is rampant, which cannot be hidden. Young people and other ‘mentally immature people are the most vulnerable to such criticism. In an effort to get in, or at least protect themselves from the judges, they often hide behind people who are likely to influence their lives. We have friends, and sometimes these decisions about friendships are remembered which shocks us.

There is probably one person you know from afar, everyone you know. He chooses his style, the innocent apostate, whom everyone wants to be known for.

Indeed you probably want to know him too. Maybe you want to do something that will get her attention and find a picture of you on her Instagram story.

Desperate, she goes

She goes to a class party she is sure to go to, she is really drunk and some of it is history. Indeed, you pay attention, and more than what you intended. How do you explain to the leering eye that all you wanted was a friend and not a disgrace to the virus?

When you wake up in the morning..

When you wake up in the morning, with this light inside you. You feel like champagne as if anything could happen. You smile at the world around you, determined to put something good there. He sits back and begins to build air towers. You make good plans, congratulations when you win, and you encourage yourself when there is a setback.

Then you move your alarm clock that shows it is almost five o’clock in the afternoon, the time for your waiter interview at the bar ten blocks from your house. The whole day is spent, huh? To whom do you tell your good plans that need to be revealed?

Maybe this is the girl!

Maybe this is the girl your parents really love. She’s intelligent, focused, and respectful, and it doesn’t hurt to be nice to her. They probably wish we were their own instead.

Read all the things he likes, and immerse yourself in trying to enjoy it. She dresses casually, a custom-made T-shirt with comfortable jeans and those luxurious sandals, though you can opt for worn-out shorts any day.

We change so much, that can’t even get used to the place we’re used to, and everyone around us blames us for our littleness.

What’s next?

I, for one, have often wished I could rewrite the texts. That I could change the account, influence the place I lived, and perhaps not always have a bad contract conclusion.

If the wishes were for Tesla shares, the beggar’s would-be shareholders.

Perhaps the change you need is not about those around you. Do not close your eyes; think about it. In trying to please others or respect the current situation, we get lost. You need to gain your self-confidence and self respect!

What about you living for your purpose?

Find your niche.

Although it may take a while to figure out what makes you happy or fulfilled, and yet, it may not work, but Rome did not build the first old Tylus brick. A consistent effort built Rome.

Choose a lesson from that.

Until you get better, you will have to learn, not read and re-learn. Although, you will have to bear criticism, constructive or otherwise. Meet new people, and you will have to give up others. Need to make sacrifices, which you will see as an investment in your future.

And when you get older, you will be able to pass these words on to the young people around you. And help them see that trying to get in won’t always work.

By FusionofMagazine

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